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Dedicated to showing that there is freedom, an abundance of love, prosperity and joy available to everyone.
These are our birthright and they can be enjoyed now,
right here on Earth.

Pathways to Freedom

We don't have the freedom to choose the environment we are born into or the conditions we find ourselves in, but we always have the freedom to choose how to respond to any set of circumstances we experience in life.

Centre for Spiritual Living, Geneva

Chambesy, Geneva

August 9-11 2017

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Happy Me

Treat Yourself to a late Summer Spiritual Experience

Science of Mind Conference

September 15-17 2017

City Library Haarlem

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Do you want to feel renewed, inspired and a deeper connection to your spirituality?

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We offer spiritual Courses that are both practical and life transforming

Science of Mind Courses

An Invocation, in French, presented
at the Centers for Spiritual Living (Science of Mind in the US)
2013 Asilomar RetreatA World that Works for Everyone. BeCause We Can!
as part of their multi language awareness focus
representing Science of Mind in Europe and the rest of the World