Science of Mind Courses

We offer a range of truly inspirational and life-changing classes throughout the year

I'm interested. How do I take a class?
You have 3 options:
• If you live in the Bournemouth area you can attend a group class held in Ferndown
• If you don't live locally to Bournemouth we offer group Skype classes
• If you prefer we also offer Skype One-to-One classes at times and dates to suit you

Science of Mind Courses

Distance Learning

If you don't live in the Bournemouth area you can still participate in fully accredited CSL (Centers for Spiritual Living) (formerly UCSL - United Centers for Spiritual Living) Science of Mind Courses by the Distance Learning format.

These courses have been taught to students from all areas in the UK including London, and Europe and beyond

The next group distance learning 'Foundation Course' starts in
 September 2015

If you would like to take this course PRIOR to September please see
Option 2 – One-to-One

Also available: One-to-one Skype classes – starting dates and schedule to suit you, and to fit in with your current commitments
For further details please contact Rev Anya here

If you have already completed the Foundation Course and would like to continue your studies please contact Rev Anya for starting dates of other distance learning classes.
All courses are taught from Foundation to Practitioner level.

The Science of Mind Foundation Course

This 10 week course greatly improves the quality of life of all the participants and assists them towards reaching their dreams and full potential.
The course provides an in-depth perspective of the core concepts of Science of Mind, including the 5 steps ‘Spiritual Mind Treatment’
A life transforming course
To request a brochure and further details Click here or give us a call on 01202 876 365

Option 1 – Group Skype
You can take this class from anywhere in the world
• 10 weeks,
• Group Skype fee: including a detailed workbook.

Option 2 – One–to–One
You can take this class from anywhere in the world
The class is usually held on Skype but can also be done by telephone if you prefer
• 10 weekly modules and home study involving reading, meditation, keeping a journal and written exercises,
• Start time, dates and schedule to suit you
• One-to-One Format fee: £250 including a detailed workbook.
• Although more expensive the One-to-One Format has the advantage that you get totally individual attention and you can start anytime to suit you.

Option 3 – If you live in the Bournemouth area
• 10 weeks – one evening per week plus one Saturday Workshop
• Classes 7.30 -10.00 pm held in Ferndown
• Course fee: £170 including a detailed workbook.


(8 weeks – one evening per week)

In this course our students work on themselves at deeper levels, releasing unwanted patterns, overcoming fears, and letting go of limiting beliefs as well as negative thinking.
A self-confidence and success builder

Course fee: £150. including a detailed workbook

Course prerequisite: Foundation Course

The Power of Your Word

(8 weeks - one evening per week)

This experiential course deepens your knowledge by delving into both sides of our nature: the divine or spiritual and the physical - yes we are both divine and human at the same time!
The thoughts we entertain and the words we speak influence our daily experience; this course teaches how to be more aware, seek our own truth within and effectively communicate with our Higher or Divine self.
An informative and effective course to take charge of your destiny

Course fee: £150. including a detailed workbook

Course prerequisite: Foundation Course

The Essential Ernest Holmes

(10 weeks – one evening per week)

This course is a tribute to Dr Ernest Holmes and all of the wisdom he brought to our world. The course is based upon the Science of Mind beliefs. Each week the student has the opportunity to examine each of the ideas contained in it and uncover ways to make the power of this teaching come alive in her/his life. Each week has a meditation on Light that takes the student progressively deeper and deeper into the Light to find Inner Truth and consciously connect with their Infinite self.

(A large percentage of today’s self-help movement is based on Dr Holmes’ philosophy).

Classes 7.30 -10.00 pm
Course fee: £170. including a detailed workbook.

Course prerequisite: Foundation Course

Recommended reading: The Essential Ernest Holmes

For further details please give us a call on 01202 876 365 or contact us here

Distance Learning format starting soon, please contact us for details and dates

Spiritual Practices for Daily Living

(10 weeks – one evening per week)

This course is the next step to deepen your practices of ‘Science of Mind’ and therefore take control of your destiny. This class is experiential with many guided meditations and real-life exercises.
A recipe for successful living on a daily basis

Licensed Practitioner Training

After completing 6 courses, some students decide to further enhance their life and also help others with the Science of Mind way of life.
Science of Mind Practitioner training is a 2 year course and successful completion leads to becoming a ‘professional Practitioner of Science of Mind’
Each year consists of 3 terms.
Year 1 Course fee: class format £200 per term, Skype format £250 per term

These courses are all fully recognised and accredited by  Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) and after successful completion of each course a Certificate is issued by the American Head Office.


Financial Freedom

Success, wealth and happiness go hand in hand for some people, so why not examine how your belief system is at work in your financial affairs? Through the interplay of thought, emotion, desire, action, spirit and all facets of being, a new level of well-being and abundance is created.

To register your interest in this class, please, contact us here

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