What We Offer - Science of Mind

Science of Mind explains that we are all creating our own day-to-day experiences, according to our understanding, by the procession of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

We are always the ones controlling our own destiny, our success or failure, happiness or misery, financial well being or lack, by our own mental process, regardless of us being aware of this or not. Therefore it makes sense to understand how the universe really works and to have knowledge of the spiritual laws that operate in our lives.

Science of Mind teaches techniques devised to expand our conscious awareness of these Spiritual Laws and shows how to use them to lead the lives of our choice.

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Once understood it creates the experience of wellbeing and wholesome living for all those who follow its principles and Science of Mind becomes a way of life…

To help you towards discovering how you can use the Science of Mind Principles to make the most of your potential, realise your goals and find health, wealth, success and happiness we hold regular Classes, we teach Spiritual Tools such as ‘Spiritual Mind Treatment’ and offer the monthly Science of Mind Magazine packed with Inspiring reading for every day of the month.

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