Our Philosophy

  • What would it mean if the thoughts we have actually influence what happens in our lives?
  • What if all thoughts, conscious or not, were shaping our world?
  • What if your destiny was totally in your own hands?
  • What if the quality of your life was determined by what you think all day long?

At  The Centre for Spiritual Living we believe that our experiences are shaped primarily by our attitudes and beliefs and that our thoughts, conscious or not, are influencing our destiny and the quality of our lives. This means that we each have the power to control our present circumstances and achieve our heart’s desires.

World-wide, thousands of people have already transformed their lives through the application of the Science of Mind philosophy. This teaching is apparent all over the place, such as films like ‘What the Bleep…’, ‘Conversations with God’ and ‘The Secret’, countless self-development books by well known authors, newly accepted therapies and even in some instances, extending to the business world. It is clear to anyone with knowledge of these teachings, that they are being used in many forms and that they work!

“Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life” Here is an exciting idea and one that can lead to ‘miracles’ happening in every area of our lives.

The Centre for Spiritual Living