UK Science of Mind Groups

Science of Mind is growing in the UK. More and more people are realising that they have a choice. There is an alternative to living a ‘mundane & ordinary’ life

Presently there are several Groups dotted around, all with one goal in mind; to make a difference, to help to bring peace, love and happiness

Although each Science of Mind group in the UK is run individually, under the general umbrella of 'Centers for Spiritual Living' in the US, the three groups listed below are known to provide good service to those interested in Science of Mind and should be considered for an initial contact for your needs.

These groups are known to be run on Spiritual Principles and for the benefit and Spiritual Growth of their students/members.

A comparison is made between the groups to enable you to make an informed choice

 The Centre for Spiritual LivingEast Midlands Teaching ChapterKings Langley Study Group
Location:BournemouthLeicesterKings Langley, Herts
CSL Classification:CenterTeaching ChapterStudy Group
Run by:Rev Anya SlatterRev Erica BrownDavid & Linda Serlin
Meetings:Weekly Monthly
SoM Training level:MinisterMinister 
Teaches Classes:YesYes 
Distance Learning:Yes  
Contact details: The Centre for
Spiritual Living
East Midlands
Teaching Chapter
Kings Langley
Study Group
Also: Rev Anya regularly speaks at the Sunday meetings in Bournemouth, has a Teaching schedule, conducts Spiritual & Science of Mind Coaching, and also organised Science of Mind Conferences in 2008 & 2010 & 2013 Erica offers teaching of Science of Mind and other courses, monthly talks, and ongoing Practitioner counselling / coaching sessions (with a potential emphasis on money-coaching around the behaviours and habits of our archetypes to break self-sabotage patterns). David and Linda have organised two Science of Mind Conferences in the UK (2007 & 2009)
Note: The Centre for Spiritual Living, Bournemouth has recently qualified Practitioners -
Juliet Vorster, Marie-Jose Redston and Samuel Goulding.
Juliet is forming a Study Group. Contact details at Gosport, Hants - Study Group 

‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step’
— Lao Tzu

Take that step today by contacting us.

Centers for Spiritual Living classifications:

1. A Science of Mind Center is run by a licensed Minister, Teaches Classes and holds regular Sunday meetings and other activities
The only Center in the UK is The Centre for Spiritual Living, Bournemouth

2. A Teaching Chapter is run by a licensed Practitioner and can teach classes

3. A Study Group is established by individuals who have been approved by Centers for Spiritual Living (US) and have some training and knowledge of Science of Mind and are eager to share their knowledge with others. Study groups meet together to discuss, read and learn in a group setting.

A Practitioner has undertaken at least 3 years study of Science of Mind

A Minister has undertaken at least 7 years study of Science of Mind and related Philosophical & Metaphysical topics

If you live outside the UK and would like to find Science of Mind international contacts near you see other Centers for Spiritual Living global communities and groups

The Centre for Spiritual Living