East Midlands - CSL Teaching Chapter

Science of Mind - CSL Teaching Chapter - Leicester

Please note this Teaching Chapter is now closed

Centers for Spiritual Living classifications:

1. A Science of Mind Center is run by a licensed Minister, Teaches Classes and holds regular Sunday meetings and other activities
The only Center in the UK is The Centre for Spiritual Living, Bournemouth

2. A Teaching Chapter is run by a licensed Practitioner and can teach classes

3. A Study Group is established by individuals who have been approved by Centers for Spiritual Living (US) and have some training and knowledge of Science of Mind and are eager to share their knowledge with others. Study groups meet together to discuss, read and learn in a group setting.

A Practitioner has undertaken at least 3 years study of Science of Mind

A Minister has undertaken at least 7 years study of Science of Mind and related Philosophical & Metaphysical topics

The Centre for Spiritual Living